Cyndi Lauper — “Home On Christmas Day”
(from Merry Christmas… Have a Nice Life!) — Home On Christmas Day - Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life

It’s Christmas Eve morning, and I write this in a lovely (but ridiculously retro) room at the Rodeway Inn in Childress, Texas, where my beloved and I stopped for the night after a full evening of driving across hill and dale. We’re two-ish hours away from my hometown, and I’m already feeling that familiar excitement about crossing the city limits yet again, seeing old friends, celebrating the season. (Oh, and meeting, after an excruciating two-month wait, my new puppy, which my sister has graciously been harboring.) I don’t get sentimental about many other holidays, but this one gets me, and I reckon it would probably level me if I couldn’t spend it the way I always have. Trust me, Cyndi, when I tell you: I, too, can’t wait to be home on Christmas Day. And in the worst kind of way.

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