the Buzz for December 15th, 2010


Everything But the Girl — “Missing [Todd Terry Mix]”
(from Amplified Heart) — Missing (Remix) - Amplified Heart (Bonus Track Version)

Not many things will impel me to turn off the iPod and displace my earphones from my skull while I’m at the gym (I’ve long fancied myself a masterful maker of mixtapes, and my workout mixes are legendary, if I do say so myself), but with a fun melange of Foo Fighters, Fergie, and even a little Last Goodnight, I took a leap of faith and entrusted my aural entertainment this morning to the local Planet Fitness while I borrowed their equipment for an electrifying elliptical ride. It was a good call, and I was rewarded thusly: when I took to the locker room to clean up after the fact, the comfortably compelling throb of this club classic’s entrancing opening notes spilled from the speakers, and I was instantly carried back to the spectacular spring of 1996, when this thing became one of its decade’s defining smashes. Don’t even try convincing me that “Missing” isn’t one of the ten best songs ever, because I’m not buying: Tracey Thorn’s thrilling ode to sexually charged desperation (and the art of ineffective stalking, natch) still packs the same potent punch it did fifteen years ago, and I spent the rest of the afternoon humming it, happily.