Jose Feliciano — “Feliz Navidad”
(from Now That’s What I Call Christmas! The Signature Collection) — Feliz Navidad - The Essential NOW That's What I Call Christmas

A specifically requested that a Spanish-language Christmas song appear at some point during this week of mirthful music, and this is the only one I know, so the choice is remarkably easy. (Take note, my beloved, if you weren’t already aware: your woman has also attempted to plant her flag atop this crossover classic, and, in the spirit of the season, I’ll be charitable and let you make up your own mind as to whether or not that was a bright idear.)

1 response to “prospero ano y felicidad
(or: december 21’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    As much as I love Céline Dion (among my many women, er, women singers, that is), “Feliz Navidad” is still, in my humble view, best performed by José Feliciano.

    Side note: Invariably (and for whatever inexplicable reason), whenever I hear “Feliz Navidad,” I am reminded of my first-ever visit to Disneyland… on Christmas Day in 1998. Having back to Disneyland no less than thrice since then, most recently in 2008 and always at Christmas-time, I can confirm that it still is magical as I remember it from my first visit. (And I don’t use the word “magical” lightly.)

    I am looking for the rest of the Christmas dispatches from the Buzz!