Carnie & Wendy Wilson — “Hey Santa!” (from Hey Santa!) — Hey Santa! - Hey Santa!

It’s Christmas week at last, and the Buzz is in a yuletide mood, with wall-to-wall festive tunes scoring the runup to Santa’s Saturday arrival. I couldn’t resist starting out with this kooky chestnut, because for the first time in months, I get to hang out with my best friend on this earth in a matter of days, and this one has been a running gag between Sherry Ann and myself since we were nascent high school churren: after an exhausted Chynna Phillips temporarily stepped away from Wilson Phillips in 1993, sisters Carnie and Wendy Wilson decided to press forth as a duo, and their debut project as such was a Christmas record, which was promoted ad nauseam with a barrage of television spots featuring the siblings donning their gay apparel and singing, with a chirpy cheerfulness that bordered on disturbing, this very song. (You just have to trust me when I tell you: you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Sherry Ann’s spot-on, gut-bustingly hilarious impression of Carnie yelling, “Hey Santa!”) Wilson Phillips recently reunited to release their own official holiday project, and while all the harmonies contained therein are predictably glorious, not even by half is
that record as fun or as interesting as this.

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