Dolly Parton — “Think About Love”
(from The Essential Dolly Parton) — Think About Love - I Will Always Love You - The Essential Dolly Parton One

A took a trip to San Antonio yesterday afternoon to see Miss Dolly’s musical 9 to 5, and he requested that I make what I assume to be one of the show’s songs today’s dispatch from the hive. I, however, was not familiar with the tune he chose, but having literally grown up with Parton’s music, it wasn’t at all difficult to pick one I did know. Coming as it does from Dolly’s often-underrated pop-leaning years — long before Shania ever even knew what a midriff was, Parton and Juice Newton practically invented the notion of the megasmash country crossover, honey — this gem sometimes gets overlooked when compilers set out to assemble Dolly best-ofs, but I say you’ll be hard-pressed to find a catchier ringer in her repertoire.

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  1. the buzz from A.:

    This is a great song, but it’s not in the show!!! While 9 to 5 is not as dramatic as some other musicals, it is 2.5 hours of great entertainment surrounding an important political message. One of the songs that left an impression on me is “Backwoods Barbie” (which predates the musical). Listen to the words…