Kenny Loggins (with Stevie Nicks) — “Whenever I Call You Friend”
(from The Essential Kenny Loggins) — Whenever I Call You

I got myself in an easy rock mood yesterday morning while driving to finish up Christmas shopping and couldn’t shake it for the whole of the day. Loggins co-wrote this all-time classic with the magnificent Melissa Manchester in 1977, and if my understanding of history is indeed accurate, Manchester was more than a little irate about getting passed over for the then-white-hot Nicks — who, concurrently, was riding a rollicking rocketship called Fleetwood Mac — when it came time to select a duet partner and lay the tune down on tape. But, and I say the following as a card-carrying Manchester fan: take one listen to the heavenly harmonies that Loggins and Nicks manage to create here, and then just try to convince me it wasn’t the absolutely correct call.

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