Josh Groban — “To Where You Are” (from Josh Groban) — To

Next up on A’s list is the criminally gifted Groban, who rode that hurtling, stellar rocketship of a voice straight to superstardom nine years ago and hasn’t once looked back. A devastating chronicle of grief (and of the hope which can emerge from it unscathed), this was his very first number one single, and the first real hint at what was to come from one of the new century’s tremendous burgeoning talents.

1 response to “isn’t faith believing all power can’t be seen
(or: september 30’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    When Brandon first introduced me to the music of Josh Groban, I did not really make much of it. Over time, though, his lyrical, occasionally semi-operatic, and simply enchanting style (especially when he sings in Italian!) made me enchanted, and I have become quite a fan.

    As with Rob Thomas, it’s virtually impossible to pick just a few favorites; in addition to Brandon’s pick, “To Where You Are,” I recommend “Verita,” “Mai” (along with his other Italian songs), “Weeping,” and his new single, “Hidden Away.” Having missed his previous concert tour (I am still kicking myself for it!), I am definitely not missing the next one (and neither is Brandon)!