the Buzz for September 14th, 2010


Jen Trynin — “Rang You and Ran”
(from Gun Shy Trigger Happy) — Rang

The edgy yet satisfyingly subdued Gun Shy might be as close as the ’90s ever came to an ignored slow-burning masterpiece, and the fabulous Trynin’s trajectory in the bidness was nothing more than a triumph of horrendous timing. (Signed in the immediate wake of Liz Phair’s ball-busting breakthrough, her first album — 1995’s Cockamamie — got buried by the Alanis avalanche, and Gun Shy, her shattering second stab at fame, was swallowed whole by the mellow grooves of the Lilith landslide during that long hot summer of 1997; if you haven’t read her riotous, wickedly moving memoir about her experiences as a recording artist — 2006’s electric Everything I’m Cracked Up to Be — get thee to a bookstore at once.) Her commercial prospects were probably always gonna be cultish — generally, that’s what happens when you’re waaaay too smart for the room — but her sense of songcraft (as evidenced on this gorgeously sultry stunner) was a shot right through the heart.