Enya — “Wild Child” (from A Day Without Rain) — Wild

Continuing with the theme of A’s favorite artists brings us to everybody’s favorite Celtic lass, who scores an exquisitely ethereal knockout by reminding us, simply, that there’s no time — time to turn it around, time to fall in love, time to remember to be alive — like now.

1 response to “ever close your eyes, ever stop and listen
(or: september 29’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    My love of Enya goes back to the first few months of my freshman year in college, when I was introduced to “Orinoco Flow,” a song to which I still refer as “the sail away song.” (Yes, my wanderlust was well developed by then.) Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy Enya’s oeuvre quite a bit, discovering that her music is far more complex than what the “new age” label it typically gets may imply.