Alanis Morissette — “No Pressure Over Cappuccino [live]”
(from MTV Unplugged: Alanis Morissette) — No

At the zenith of her comet-like commercial trajectory, Miss Alanis popped into MTV’s revolutionary (and profoundly missed) music program and unleashed this staggeringly sincere chronicle of a charismatic young male acquaintance. My forever favorite blogger Glenn McDonald once noted that Morissette has never quite figured out how to write lyrics that don’t sound like twisty lists, and while I generally agree with that, I would add as a quick addendum that, more often than not, she has cannily worked that fact to her best advantage over the course of her blistering discography.

1 response to “god bless you in your travels, in your conquests
(or: september 22’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Blake Boldt:

    This is the exact song I needed to hear today. How do you know my heart? Excellent album, by the way. (Also, how many handsome boys do I have to invite to coffee before I find a good one?)