Didja miss me?


After a forced hiatus induced by a skittish music industry unwilling to compete with two major holidays for consumers’ attention, the Buzz’s weekly record store report returns in earnest. And while there’s not a hell of a lot upon which to wax eloquent this week — in the runup to The Fray’s thrilling return on February 3, January’s slate is awfully light — it’s a great pleasure just to have something to discuss.

PS: A suggested this post’s headline, and I thought it was cute. So if you don’t like it, flog him.


And now, a band whose music I know positively nothing about: Scottish experimental rockers Glasvegas, whose self-titled debut — a smash overseas last fall — arrives on American shores this week. The album’s Amazon page describes the band’s sound as “equal parts Jesus and Mary Chain, Elvis, and Phil Spector” combined with ’60s girl pop and doo-wop influences. Kids, I can totally get with that. (Plus: bonus points for that ultra-cool band name.)

The fine folks at Ultra Records are ringing in the new year in high style with a new collection of remixes, Ultra Dance 10. Compiled by the fierce Jason Nevins (one of the planet’s most sought-after DJs), 10 features current hits from Flo Rida (that bizarro “In the Ayer” song), Katy Perry (the bone-crunchingly awful and offensive “I Kissed a Girl”), Rihanna (the bewitching “Take a Bow,” which I can’t wait to hear with a four-on-the-floor beat pulsing behind it), and Estelle (the Grammy-nominated smash “American Boy”). Also getting in on the act this week are our like-minded friends over at Thrive Records (whose double-disc “Thrive Mixes,” whose volumes now number five, have become legendary), who show up with Total Club Hits 2. Flo Rida and Estelle also appear here, as do Usher, Baby Bash & Sean Kingston, and John Legend (whose latest hit “Green Light” — which features an invaluable assist from Outkast’s Andre 3000 — is his most fun single since “Used to Love U,” his arresting 2004 debut.) Both CDs are on sale at Best Buy this week for the whopping total of $7.99 apiece, so you have little to lose in giving these irresistible guilty pleasures a chance to tickle your fancy for a spell. Better believe I’m gonna.


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