the Buzz for January 27th, 2009


the wanderer returns

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A whirlwind trip out west, a jam-packed work schedule, and the head cold to end them all combined to temporarily derail the Buzz last week, but I’m pleased to announce that I’m back in bidness, and, although the cold remains, none the worse for wear.


I’m also no end of thrilled to tell you that Brandon’s Buzz Radio is chugging along nicely. People are jumping onboard daily — I have scheduled a show with legendary “Knots Landing” star Joan Van Ark for mid-February, and I just got a yes a few minutes ago from the marvelously brilliant singer/songwriter Jann Arden — and the response to here has far exceeded my wildest dreams. In addition, as of this morning, each episode of Brandon’s Buzz Radio can be downloaded as a podcast from the iTunes Music Store. From the store, just type “brandon’s buzz” in the search box, or click the button below for a direct link.


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Coming later today: this week’s record store report.