Wilson Phillips — “Get Together” (from California) — Get Together - California

I’m finally getting caught up with these girls’ batshit wacky reality series Still Holding On (which ran for seven incalculably crazy episodes earlier this year on TV Guide Network, and which has introduced me to my new favorite catchphrase, courtesy of über-Christian Chynna Phillips, who uttered some variation on it in every single installment: “When the Lord is on board, anything is possible!”). The series has been infinitely more entertaining than the new record — Dedicated, a collection of covers of their collective parents’ (the founding members of The Beach Boys and The Mamas and the Papas) most memorable material — the series was ostensibly designed to help promote, and that has sent me scurrying back in time to 2004 and to Dedicated‘s soothing, sterling progenitor, a terrific tribute to the music that made southern California the mecca for an entire generation of war-weary artists, musicians, and soul siblings searching for the promise of peace half a century ago.

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