the Buzz for July 9th, 2012


fun. — “Some Nights” (from Some Nights) — Some Nights - Some Nights

What, you didn’t think these boys were gonna be one hit wonders, did you? (What I’m about to say may seem like irreparable heresy — if only because I can’t quite believe I’m about to make my fingers type the words — but don’t you get a distinct Fleetwood Mac-esque vibe from the entire presentation here, as though this fearlessly talented Nate Ruess kid could be Lindsey and Stevie’s long-lost love child or great-nephew or somethin’? Time will tell, obviously, if these avant-garde pop-drenched punks — probably the most compelling breakthrough act in a year loaded with same — can keep themselves relevant and riveting the way their spiritual forerunners have for nearly four full decades, but go cue up “What Makes You Think You’re the One” or even “Tusk” on your iPod and then try to tell me your ears don’t instantly detect the unique DNA markers that compose this brilliant tune’s biochemistry.)