Kelly Clarkson — “Einstein” (from Stronger) — Einstein - Stronger (Deluxe Version)

Weeks on, I continue to find myself utterly intoxicated by Clarkson’s fabulously brilliant fifth album, the long-term commercial prospects for which I fear may well suffer thanks to the atypically low-key nature of its neither-fish-nor-fowl lead single, “Mr. Know It All.” Myself, I’d have gone with this fun, funky track, my personal favorite tune from Stronger. (I also predict that, with its creative use of square roots, multiplication, and division, it will also be a new favorite for my math-‘shipping boyfriend, just as soon as he sits his bee-hind down and actually listens to this dynamite record.)

3 responses to “dumb plus dumb equals you
(or: november 5’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    What a fun little song, much in the same realm as certain hits by Matisse, Orianthi, and, of course, Keri Hilson. I am not sure how effectively the mathematical operations are used in the song, but I doubt I shall soon forget the line “Dumb plus dumb equals you”!

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    And see, I felt sure he’d be knocked flat by that “square root of pride” lyric! (Love you, A!)

  3. the buzz from A.:

    Yes, but why the square root of pride? Why not, say, the square of pride (or its logarithm for that matter)? And what is the “square root of pride,” anyway?