the Buzz for November 19th, 2011


Eva Cassidy — “Say Goodbye” (from Wonderful World) — Say Goodbye - Wonderful World

I was too verklempt yesterday to pull together even one coherent sentence on the subject — and by the time January 13, 2012 rolls around, I’ve no doubt that I’ll be a complete mess — but my heart was stuck firmly in midtown Manhattan on Friday, bleeding for the cast of my all-time favorite soap One Life to Live, which yesterday put its final scenes in the can a couple of months ahead of its scheduled series finale. (Yes, the serial is still slated to begin its, ahem, second life as an online series sometime early next year, although word broke last night that an unexpected funding snag has left those plans in serious limbo, which makes the fact of yesterday’s events that much more bittersweet.) I promise you I’ll have more thorough thoughts on my love for this groundbreaking television classic as we inch closer to its final airdate; meantime, just know that I’m having a bitch of a time coming to grips with this particular goodbye. (Compounding my agita: television talk titan Regis Philbin also signed off yesterday morning after something like six decades in front of the camera, and I was doing a pretty good job of holding it together until his co-host Kelly Ripa started to lose it during her deeply moving dissertation on what Regis has meant to her personally for the past decade, and at once, I was a blubbering fool right alongside her. All these freakin’ farewells, one on top of another and each more gut-wrenching than the last, are really starting to get to me, television gods!)