Rob Thomas — “Problem Girl” (from …Something to Be) — Problem

A texted me yesterday and demanded to see Mr. Thomas pop out of the hive pronto. (And since Rob was the primary inspiration for what you’re currently reading, it seemed like a reasonable request.) I wouldn’t dare call “Problem Girl” the best song on Rob’s electrifying solo debut record, but his stirring, passionate vocal performance really sells the thin story being told here. This was my favorite track the first time I listened to the album five years ago, and having just listened to the entire thing again trying to decide which song to choose, I have to tell you: it still is.

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(or: september 27’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    I am delighted that Brandon has taken my suggestion to showcase my favorite artists, though, as we shall soon see, he has retained the right to showcase his favorite songs by these artists.

    When it comes to Rob Thomas, I have several favorites, and “Problem Girl” is surely among them. Others in the top three: “Ever the Same” and “Lonely No More.” Rounding out the top five, “Fire on the Mountain” from his most recent album, Cradlesong, and, in an entirely different direction, “How Far We’ve Come” from Exile On Mainstream with Matchbox Twenty.