George Strait — “Blue Clear Sky” (from Blue Clear Sky) — Blue

Over the past three decades, nobody in his genre can touch Strait for his enduring commercial success, and I reckon this tune tells all you need to know about why he has flown so high for so long: simple, clean melodies (that, incidentally, stick inside your skull on contact), straight-ahead, no-frills production, and an ageless voice that never wavers.

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(or: september 24’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Blake Boldt:

    Like a number of his contemporaries, Reba and Randy Travis among them, George’s best work came in the 1980s. At times I think he’s coasting, but he usually has an impeccable taste in songs that the new generation would do well to study. One of my favorite singles of his career, “I Can Still Make Cheyenne,” is also on this album. Good stuff.