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posted at 10:57 pm by brandon in mama says you only fall in love once

I have been sitting here for the past ninety minutes trying to find a graceful way to put into words how I felt about a glorious human angel name of Dixie Carter, who is without question best known for her seven-year run as ultra-eloquent Julia Sugarbaker on the classic CBS sitcom “Designing Women,” and who passed away earlier today at the age of 70. Words fail me tonight, and even after having sat with this devastating news for a couple of hours now — the vast majority of which have been spent watching a handful of my favorite third-season “Women” episodes in rapid-fire succession — my thoughts are hurtling all over the place, and I’m still so verklempt over the announcement that I just don’t even know where to begin. So until I do, all I can say is: Godspeed, you graceful, gorgeous woman. You taught all of us how to try to get to heaven, and no fewer than one of us has absolutely no doubt that you glided through those pearly gates today with utmost ease.

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