the Buzz for April 20th, 2010


two years down

posted at 4:27 pm by brandon in and many more, from channel four

In all the overwhelming madness of my day from hell yesterday — it sure was Monday, Mark — I completely allowed the Buzz’s second anniversary slip right past me. As I’ve recounted several times before, this blog hit cyberspace two years ago yesterday with a whimper and a writer’s promise to his patient webmaster that I would give him at least ten entries before growing tired of this endeavor and moving on. (I still love you, Mike!)

This endeavor, instead, has both comprised and documented the most fun I’ve ever had: right this second, you’re reading Brandon’s Buzz post number 385, and — if the statistics provided to me by Google are to be believed — you’re among the 12,000 absolute unique people from around the world that have visited this site at least once since it opened for business. I’m told that no fewer than six people from every state in the union (plus the District of Columbia!) have visited this site — apparently, I’m most popular in Texas, California, and New York, while the good folks of Wyoming, North Dakota, and Alaska have been most reticent to catch this particular wave — in addition to the residents of 116 other nations across the globe who have also spent some time here. In total, this evolving series of rambling thoughts has been accessed some 36,000 times over the past twenty-four months, and to those of you who have made this blog a daily stop on your online journey, all I can say is a very sincere thank you. I hope you’re never disappointed by anything you may find here, and I hope you will all keep comin’ on back for more Buzz.