radio is a sound salvation

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A lot of people have been cycling through here in the past few days trying to find my conversations — which were taped for Brandon’s Buzz Radio — with former “Guiding Light” head writer Pamela K. Long and “One Life to Live” star Nicholas Rodriguez. (Folks are searching for other of my show’s episodes as well, but, if this blog’s stats are to be believed, those two installments are consistently the most-often sought-after, at least of late.) For those of you who are searching and not finding the radio archive for my show, please scroll up to the top of the page, up to that pretty, colorful bar that lies just below the “Brandon’s Buzz” headline. Each of those segments of color is a “button” which takes you to a different part of this sprawling website, and the rightmost “button” — the blue one that says “radio” — houses a full archive of my show’s thirty-five (to date!) episodes. Click on that button, and you will almost certainly find what it is that you seek. (And thank you so much for coming here, everyone. The response to my show lately has been humbling and overwhelming, and I appreciate you all for your interest in what I’m working very hard to construct here.)

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