the Buzz for September 18th, 2009


strength in numbers

posted at 6:35 pm by brandon in math class is tough!

“By the time I was about to graduate, I had a fellowship to graduate school, because I wanted to be, of course, Dr. Long… But you had to take the GRE! That’s a big test, right? And a third of it’s math. Let me tell ya: I can’t do math. I had put it off every year until I couldn’t graduate unless I took the idiot math, and in the first day of the class, they said, you know, ‘Integer.’ And I’m like, ‘What?! What’s an integer?!’ And they said, ‘It means number.’ I said, ‘I am in so much trouble….'”

— the hilariously brilliant Pamela K. Long, former headwriter of “Guiding Light,” discussing her college days on Brandon’s Buzz Radio. (This is for you, A, my all-time favorite math genius.)