the Buzz for August 25th, 2009



Weeks and weeks of slow-to-nonexistent release slates have led to this fresh hell: August’s final Tuesday is so jam-packed with new stuff that I’ll be typing about it from now until Christmas. But I’m not complaining, mind you: you have no idea how great it will be to walk into the record store and actually be greeted by a new release wall which is literally popping with exciting material begging for my attention.


(Incidentally, this is the Buzz’s 300th post, hard as that is to believe. Thanks to all my readers who continue to follow me on this crazy ride!)


Her annoying debut single “The Way I Am” — and the spare, folk-y album, Girls and Boys, on which it appeared — became a word-of-mouth sensation after saturating the whole of television a couple of years ago, popping up on such series as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “One Tree Hill” as well as in an extensive advertising campaign for Old Navy. A collection of b-sides and live recordings followed last year, and now, indie queen
Ingrid Michaelson has returned with her true sophomore project, Everybody. This gal’s tinny voice irks me no end, but she clearly has her fans, and they will probably turn out en masse to snap this up. Mazel tov, y’all.



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A and I attended our first board meeting last night for the homeowners’ association of our new neighborhood, and no more than ten minutes into that flea circus, I was already plotting out ways to get myself elected to the board so that I can effect some change ’round here. Plan A: join the neighborhood book club and try to ingratiate myself among the local intellectual cognoscenti and power brokers.

(Incidentally, to those of my readers who live in Austin: after the meeting last night, A and I tried out Hyde Park Bar and Grill for the first time, whereupon I had a smashing sirloin burger, quite possibly the best I’ve ever had. If you’re in the mood for such cuisine, do not overlook this place. It looks pretentious and frou-frou from the outside, but the staff is friendly and the prices are stunningly reasonable.)