the Buzz for August 12th, 2009



It’s another slow one out there, with an anticipated DVD set as this week’s must-own item. Live it up:


The debut on DVD of season one of the all-time classic CBS sitcom Designing Women back in May filled me with such joy that I couldn’t fathom what could possibly match that sensation. That is, until I bought the four-disc set for season two yesterday morning. Loaded with classic episodes from the 1987-1988 season — including “Dash Goff, the Writer” (which introduced Gerald McRaney as Suzanne Sugarbaker’s writer’s-blocked ex-husband), “Reservations for Eight” (in which a seemingly innocent ski trip for the show’s four couples devolves into an all-out battle of the sexes), and the Emmy-nominated “Killing All the Right People” (network series television’s first and best stab at dealing with the AIDS crisis) — and one of the most stunning ensembles of both characters and actors to have ever found its way onto a prime-time lineup. If all you know of this show are the horridly butchered reruns that pop up urry now and again on TV Land, dive in and watch this brilliance as it was originally presented. I swear you’ll laugh yourself silly.