6:48 pm:   At long last, the finale is here! 12 minutes and counting!

6:49 pm:  Anybody out there willing to take a chance and call this race right now?  ‘Cause I tell you what, I really have no clue who’s gonna win.  Who knew Banshee Boy and Choirboy would end up being so evenly matched as the last ones standing?

6:51 pm: A’s take:  “Adam has a bigger persona, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily better.”  Well said, honey!

6:53 pm: So, I’ve heard that, among others, the celebrity guests tonight include my beloved Cyndi Lauper, Queen Latifah, and Lionel Richie.  But will anyone be able to top the surprise appearances by Ryan Tedder and my all-time fave George Michael on last year’s finale?

6:55 pm: A is stunned to learn that Kris is a choirboy!  I need to teach that boy how to read Entertainment Weekly!

6:58 pm: Anyone enjoy “Glee” as much as I did last night?  That show was infinitely more fun than “Idol,” as it turned out.  I should have live-blogged that!

7 pm:  It’s on!

7:01 pm:  Good lord, look at all those white clothes!

7:02 pm:  100 millions votes last night!

7:03 pm:  Sherry Ann:  “What the hell is up with the bow tie?”

7:04 pm:  Did I tell you all last night that A strongly dislikes Kara?  He thinks Paula spouts nonsense, but he thinks Kara is just useless.  That’s a direct quote!

7:05 pm:  Simon’s sooo not gonna be happy about that!

7:06 pm:  So, “Inside Edition” yesterday had the stunning gall to outline this Adam /Kris showdown as another battle between red and blue states!

7:07 pm: Was that scary girl Carly Smithson?

7:08 pm:  No they’re not!

7:09 pm: It’s like The Brady Bunch Variety Hour on acid!

7:11 pm:  OK, I just don’t have words for that.

7:12 pm:  Sherry Ann:  “I have the words:  atrocious.”

7:13 pm:  That girl’s better than Roget!

7:14 pm:  The Fray again!

7:16 pm: You know what’s still cool about David Cook?  He rocks, but he never shrieks.  Take notes, Banshee Boy.

7:17 pm: I like his new single “Come Back to Me” a lot better, but that wasn’t so bad.

7:19 pm: That was a diplomatic way of saying, “I hope you voted for Kris.”

7:21 pm:  A:  “This is painful.”  Umm, yeah!

7:23 pm:  OK, Nick, go away now.

7:25 pm:  A and Sherry Ann are both plainly baffled by this spectacle.

7:26 pm:  Lil gets to sing with Queen Latifah?!

7:28 pm:  Why didn’t Lil sing this well when she was competing!  She’s a whole different performer right now!

7:30 pm:  According to iTunes, “Cue the Rain” is a brand new Queen Latifah single.  I guess that means she’s done with the gentle records?

7:33 pm:   Sherry Ann, the world’s biggest Jason Mraz fan, is already brutally offended.

7:36 pm:  Oh lord, not another tape package.

7:37 pm:  Kris and Keith?!

7:38 pm:  These two harmonize spectacularly well.  Even Sherry Ann is impressed!

7:39 pm: These two should travel around together, just like Dave Matthews and Emmylou Harris, or Nanci and Darius.

7:40 pm: Sherry Ann:  “I love this song.  They shouldn’t sing it to each other though.”

7:41 pm: At least they didn’t get Banshee Boy up there to sing it to him!  He’d have loved that!

7:44 pm: Sorry, taking a quick dinner break.

7:45 pm: Oh lord, please don’t let this mean we have to sit through Fergie!

7:46 pm: Good to see Megan is as annoying as ever!

7:46 pm: Aww Jesus, it’s a Fergie medley!  Calf rope, already!

7:47 pm:  Crap, it gets worse!

7:48 pm: Although, tell the truth:  hasn’t it been refreshing that we haven’t seen much of Banshee Boy here in the first hour?  What a concept!

7:50 pm:  This is literally making my hair hurt!

7:51 pm:  Not more of this Golden Idol crap!

7:51 pm: Isn’t it great how Simon and Kara don’t really like each other at all?  He wanted so badly to make fun of her stupid song last night, and you could just tell it took everything he had not to.

7:53 pm: The return of Bikini Girl!

7:54 pm: A:  “Look at those boobs!”

7:54 pm: I can testify that he’s 100% gay, and even he is impressed!

7:55 pm: OK, this is kinda cute.  But as the owner of a couple of Platinum Weird CDs, I know that Kara can actually sing!

7:56 pm: Cook’s face pretty much said it all!

8 pm:  No way!!!

8 pm:  OK, I admire the idea behind this, but I’m telling you:  once you’ve seen Patti LaBelle and Cyndi do this very song together, there’s no need to see anyone else try to tackle it!  It’s been sung already, folks, move on!

8:02 pm:  Yeah, I’m not sure about this at all.

8:03 pm:  Well that wasn’t so bad, but I’m certainly glad it’s over.

8:05 pm:  Aww jeez, not Uncanny Karaoke!

8:06 pm: Cue Lionel!

8:07 pm:  If Matt doesn’t get his own performance, I’m never watching this show again!

8:08 pm: Anybody else think it’s time for Lionel to find out who is Smokey Robinson’s Botox man?

8:13 pm:   OK, basta with the commercials, we’re all aging here!

8:15 pm: Lord, now we have to sit through a tape package of Banshee Boy!

8:16 pm: What in the hell is he wearing?!

8:17 pm: Sherry Ann:  “Who the fuck does he think he is, Ziggy Stardust?”

8:18 pm: Oh.  My.  GOD.

8:20 pm: I really don’t have words for that.

8:25 pm: Santana!

8:26 pm: Why hello Matt!

8:29 pm: Sorry, Firefox chose the most inopportune time to crash.  That “Smooth” thing was awful.  All of those people put together aren’t enough to equal one Rob Thomas!

8:31 pm: Sherry Ann:  “You need to put Clay Aiken in the key words even if you don’t mention him!!  A million people will read this!”

8:32 pm: I’ve already pissed those people off enough, what’s one more slight?

8:33 pm: That was just bizarro!

8:34 pm: This trailer has been in theaters for months now!  This isn’t the world premiere of anything!

8:35 pm: A and I saw this trailer in front of Hannah Montana!

8:39 pm: Rod Stewart?!

8:40 pm: I’m putting it in stone right now:  only Matt is allowed to touch “Downtown Train”!

8:41 pm: You know what, I can kinda sorta live with this!  He’s not George Michael, but he’s pretty damn close!  As long as no one butchers “Downtown Train”!

8:42 pm: Love that mandolin!

8:44 pm:  Enough with the Golden Idol crap!

8:48 pm: Make her go away!

8:50 pm: Is it too much to pray we’ll finally get the results at the end of this commercial break?

8:52 pm: Guess it was.

8:53 pm: Oh good heavens, Freddie Mercury is turning over in his grave!

8:53 pm: Kris looks painfully hot in that leather jacket though!

9 pm: OK, I’m done with the commercials!

9 pm: That was an unusually gracious sentiment from Simon!

9:01 pm: Showtime!

9:02 pm: Kris actually beat him!

9:02 pm: Sherry Ann:  ” OMG!!  IT IS KRIS!!”

9:03 pm: This wasn’t so terribly hard to figure though.  Like there was any way Banshee Boy was gonna get Uncanny’s votes!

9:04 pm: This song is still waaaaaay too big for this boy’s range!

9:05 pm: Sherry Ann:  “This song sucks!”

9:08 pm: Well, that’s it for another season!  Thanks for coming to hang out with me and my crazy gang the past two nights!  Let’s do it again next year!

4 responses to “the 2009 “american idol” finale:
a brandon’s buzz live blog event (day two)”

  1. the buzz from Chip:

    Yay for Kris, but yay for Adam too. The KISS and Queen performances rocked my socks off, as did the Cyndi/Allison duet. Rod Stewart, however, can go crawl back in his grave.

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    Funny how we both watched the same show and came away with diametrically opposed opinions on every point. Chip Chip Chip!

  3. the buzz from Mike Walker:

    Heh — it looks like you might have to show Mr. Aiken some love after his remarks about this season’s American Idol contestants:


  4. the buzz from Sherry Ann:

    The part of this news story that I find unbelievable is that someone paid for the subscription to find it. I am not an Adam fan, but now that I know that the claymates hate him I am reconsidering my stance.