6:37 pm (NOTE: all times central): No agricultural emergencies delaying my progress this year. We’re actually startin’ early!

6:39 pm:  Last year’s “Idol” live blog was the first thing that really put Brandon’s Buzz on the map in terms of garnering some attention from the online world, so I’m very excited about tonight!

6:44 pm: Assuming that Adam was always a slam dunk to make the finale (and Paula predicted it twelve full weeks ago, so there you have it), I still think an Adam / Alison faceoff would have provided the most bang for our entertainment buck.  But I still think we’re in for a riveting evening of music, madness, and mascara tonight.

6:46 pm:  Let’s set up the cast of characters.  In one corner, we have Adam Lambert.

6:47 pm:  Because Adam screeches, shrieks, screams, wails, and just generally irritates the piss out of me, he will be known tonight as Banshee Boy.

6:48 pm: Adam is a glam rocker following the obvious David Bowie template — at least visually — but when he opens his mouth, he sounds like the love child that Robert Plant and Siouxsie Sioux might have created in an ill-fated night of passion.  (You might think I mean that as a compliment, since I rather like and admire both of those people, but I really don’t.)

6:50 pm: Adam’s best performance of the season, at least to these ears:  his amazing transformation of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” from “Year You Were Born” week.  (It was one of the few performances he didn’t shriek his way entirely through, and one of the precious few songs with which he seemed to make a real emotional connection.)

6:53 pm: In the other corner, we have season eight’s undeniable heartthrob, painfully cute Arkansas choirboy Kris Allen.

6:54 pm:  Early on, I would never have predicted that Kris would make it all the way to the finale, ahead of seemingly more talented and/or more favored singers like Lil, Matt, and Danny, but here you have it.

6:55 pm:  I don’t have a cheeky nickname for Kris yet, so if anyone out there has a suggestion, feel free to toss it my way!

6:56 pm: Kris’ best performance of the season:  his incredible take (replete with acoustic guitar!) on Kanye’s “Heartless” just last week.  (Who the hell knew he had that kind of ace up his sleeve?!  And that he was saving it for the exact right moment?!)

6:57 pm: May I confess that Kris’ performance of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” which he sang during his leg of the Top 36 round, wasn’t so bad either?

6:59 pm: A just got home and we’re ordering pizza.  It’s almost time!

6:59 pm:  So, the conventional wisdom has it that Adam’s gonna win, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.  Archie was supposed to win in a walk last  year, too.

7 pm: It’s on!

7:02 pm: Ryan, dramatic as ever!

7:02 pm: Nokia Theater!  A used to live, like, four blocks from there!

7:03 pm: Then, of course, that boy came to his senses, came back to his senses, and we lived happily ever after.

7:04 pm: The boys are onstage.  Kris, honey, you look damn fine in that leather jacket, sir!

7:06 pm: OK, we’re having a pizza emergency.  The Domino’s website isn’t working correctly on A’s computer, so we’re gonna switch.  I think.  Hang tight.

7:10 pm: Aww jeez, Adam’s doing “Mad World” again!

7:11 pm: A has an IBM and I hate it.  All the buttons are in the wrong place!  How do you stand this?!

7:12 pm: By and large, the problem with these repeat performances is, they’re never nearly as impressive the second time around.

7:16 pm:  Thank God, Simon has some sense!

7:16 pm: Kris is doing “Ain’t No Sunshine” again!  Weren’t you sure he’d go for “Heartless”?!

7:17 pm:  Boy brought his “A” game tonight!

7:18 pm: Sherry Ann just texted from a t-ball game with her boys:  “Send a shout-out for me!”

7:19 pm: Kara is spouting her usual gibberish.

7:21 pm: Simon calls round one for Kris!  And the Buzz most certainly concurs!

7:22 pm: Whereas Adam’s rehash of “Mad World” felt warmed over and overthought, Kris’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” redux felt fresh, exciting, bold, and daring.

7:23 pm:  Pizza’s ordered, and I’ve got my computer back.  Praise Jesus!

7:25 pm:  Commercials!

7:26 pm: Aww, Jesus.  Not “Change is Gonna Come” for Banshee Boy!  Spare us, Simon!

7:27 pm: See, he’s not so bad when he’s not shrieking.

7:27 pm: Don’t you know Sam Cooke is choking on his chitlins right about now?!

7:28 pm: Where in the hell does Banshee Boy find all these metallic-looking suits?!  It looks like smoothed out, tailored tin foil!

7:29 pm: Oh, Kara!

7:29 pm: A:  “Oh, Paula!”

7:29 pm: No way was that better than the original “Mad World,” people!  Get over it, already!

7:33 pm: Commercials!

7:34 pm: Anybody sticking around for “Glee” after this show?  A is looking forward to it!

7:35 pm: Kris gets “What’s Going On”?!

7:36 pm: OK, this isn’t horrible.  But it’s not as good as Cyndi Lauper’s cover from True Colors.  And after she’s sung something, I’m not sure I’m interested in hearing anybody else’s take on it.

7:37 pm: Hate to say this, but looks like Banshee Boy won round two.

7:38 pm: Is Paula drunk?

7:39 pm: Evidently, Simon and the Buzz are in complete agreement yet again.  That’s a little freaky!

7:40 pm: Fox is raking it in on commercials tonight!

7:43 pm: The Fray!

7:44 pm:  Kara co-wrote the coronation song this year?!

7:45 pm: Where in the living hell did he find those pants?!

7:46 pm: A has just declared that this song is totally like the latest Miley Cyrus single “The Climb,” “…except that she’s better.”

7:47 pm: I think I kinda agree with that!

7:47 pm: Well of course Kara loved it!

7:48 pm: So I guess Simon’s already picked his winner.

7:49 pm: Here’s hoping Kris can get through the same song without wailing like a hyena!

7:52 pm: They’re promoting the hell out of this “Glee” show!

7:53 pm: We got it already, Ryan!

7:54 pm: Hmm, I’m not sure about this.

7:54 pm: He’s giving it his all, but this song is a bit too big for him, ne c’est pas?

7:55 pm: Make that waaaaay too big.

7:56 pm: Of course Randy disagrees!

7:57 pm:  Kind words from Simon!

7:58 pm: Talk about a real toss-up this year!  I actually have no idea who’s gonna win!

8 pm: Phone lines are open!

8 pm: Well, welcome back, Miss Carrie!

8:03 pm: Funny how the schmaltzy coronation song generally works against the bold, edgy contestants.  (Remember how “This is My Now” sunk poor Blake Lewis two seasons ago?)  But tonight, I think it actually worked in Banshee Boy’s favor.

8:04 pm: OK guys, I’m off to enjoy a spot of pizza and watch me some “Glee.”  Thanks for stopping in, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow night!  We’re doing it all over again for the grand finale, at 8pm ET / 7pm CT!

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a brandon’s buzz live blog event (day one)”

  1. the buzz from Jen Mann:

    Great take on the “scene.” My opinion of Adam is about the same as yours. Talk about polar opposites – the boys of the finale! I was pissed that the round two head-to-head was deemed by Simon as “a million per cent for A!” Slightly exaggerated, Yes? Overall….too close to call.