the Buzz for February 22nd, 2009



(All times Texas, er… Central)

6:55:  T minutes five minutes! Let the fun begin!

7:00: The Hollywood Sign, the Kodak Theater, ah… my former home… The ABC Red Carpet begins…

7:01: The first star we meet is Kate Winslet, and there are more questions about the jewelry and the shoes than anything else. How Hollywood! She does look good, though.

7:04: Wow, Matthew Broderick looks a bit… bigger… than I recall. And what’s with the hair?

7:05: Taraji Henson looks so excited! This definitely seems like a party for her. Plus, she was was on Eli Stone, which both Sherry and I miss.

7:09: And we’re back, with all kinds of dresses: red, white, black, and, oy, horrendous! Valentino certainly can create creative dresses.

7:11: Danny Boyle, the director, and the entire cast of Slumdog Millionaire are here. The kids especially did a great job and they are the real stars of the movie.