the Buzz for February 20th, 2009


t-minus 44 hours

posted at 11:15 pm by brandon in we all three from church

It’s Oscar weekend, and the Buzz is pulling out all the stops to mark the occasion. Tomorrow night: this blog’s official picks for who is going to score a victory on the big night. (And you should pay close attention to me: I correctly called three of the four major Grammy winners two Sundays ago — including that supposedly “shocking” victory for “Please Read the Letter” in the Record of the Year category, a call that no other pundit was brave enough to make — and the one I missed (Adele over Duffy for Best New Artist) was merely a fluke.)

And on the big night itself, a live blog. I’m working on Sunday afternoon and evening, so A and Sherry Ann are taking the (hopefully snarky) reins until I make it home, at which time I’ll take over and tell you all I think about all I see. Come hang with us Sunday night beginning with the official ABC red carpet show at 8pm EST. (That’s 5pm for all you out in Calla-forny.)