swing, baby, you’re platinum!
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As a massive fan of this song in its original form, I might normally be violently opposed to making such bold-faced fun of it. But quite frankly, the video below is freakin’ hilarious, and in honor of my chat with the incredible Meat Loaf — which airs tonight at 11pm EST on Brandon’s Buzz Radio (and which will be available starting tomorrow as a downloadable podcast from Brandon's Buzz - Brandon's Buzz | BlogTalkRadio Feed - Brandon's Buzz | BlogTalkRadio Feed ) — sharing it today somehow seems wholly appropriate.




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Never let it be said that being a world-renowned music blogger and radio host doesn’t have its privileges: click the button below to download “New Friend,” an exclusive track from Aqualung‘s forthcoming fourth album Magnetic North.



“I’m bewildered. In the old days, we would have called this ‘selling out,’ but I think it’s… it’s a good way to spend a Sunday.”

— former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, accepting the Album of the Year Grammy — his fifth trophy of the night, out of a possible five — for Raising Sand, his off-center collaboration with Alison Krauss


“When Clark Gable opened his shirt to reveal a bare and matted torso in his Oscar-winning performance in It Happened One Night (1934), men’s undershirt sales took a 40% drop.”

— a fun fact from Mr. Smarty Pants Knows, The Austin Chronicle‘s endlessly entertaining font of useless trivia.


“Don has an incredible ability to get a message across and be entertaining at the same time. That’s such an important component of the band. You can’t just go tadummm — ‘We’re all going to hell in a Hummer’ — tadummm. Not being contrived like that is what sets us apart. Without Don, we’d just be love songs and harmonies. We’d be Air Supply.”


— Eagles legend Glenn Frey, describing in a Rolling Stone cover story Don Henley’s significance to the band.