don’t you find that ironical?
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“Originally it was like a Neil Young song but it was missing this key word. It used to go, “Look at the stars / look how they shine for you…” and there was this gap. So I was sitting there singing this song, and I looked at the nearest book to me, and it was the Yellow Pages. So, in an alternate universe, this song would be called Playboy.”

— Coldplay’s fearless leader Chris Martin, explaining the origins of his band’s worldwide breakthrough smash “Yellow,” on VH1 Storytellers.


but i digress

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“Good evening, I’m Martin Sheen.  For seven years, this set was my home on The West Wing, a television series about service and selflessness that won Emmy Awards for virtually everyone involved, except me.”

— oft-nominated powerhouse (and accidental focal point of Aaron Sorkin’s masterpiece) Martin Sheen, gently lecturing the audience of the 60th Annual Emmy Awards about the power of democracy



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“How is she 15 and sounds like she’s been smoking for 40 years?”

Kathy Griffin, riffing on Miley Cyrus’ inimitably scratchy voice in last week’s Entertainment Weekly


“I think she just had to put on this politician face, and not be this soft… hurt… woman. But she ended up stayin’ and that’s where she’s at, so she might as well sang the song leavin’ the White House.”


— the divine Lorrie Morgan, responding to Hillary Clinton’s 1992 assertion that she’s not “some little old woman standing by her man like Tammy Wynette.”