Randy Travis — “I Told You So”
(from I Told You So: The Ultimate Hits) —

I invited A to write a guest Buzz post explaining in further depth why and how — regardless of history and/or statistics and/or odds and/or any other data at hand — he had such faith that Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos were going to ultimately prevail as Super Bowl champions this past weekend. His response was that his guest post would be exactly three words long: (1) Told. (2) Ya. (3) So.

Fair enough.

Nothing is official, obviously, and Manning will likely go radio silent for the next few weeks as he deliberates upon what his future holds. But it seems wise to assume that he stepped onto an NFL field as a competitor for the final time on Sunday, and if that is indeed the case, he just became, at 39 years and 300-some days, the oldest quarterback to ever win the Lombardi trophy, and he also became the first quarterback in NFL history to notch 200 total victories (including both regular season and postseason games), passing Brett Favre’s previous mark of 199. (Don’t expect that record to stay in Peyton’s ledger for very long, though: Manning’s rival Tom Brady currently stands at 194 total wins, so barring a freak injury and/or a complete collapse of the Patriots’ dynasty, it seems reasonable to foresee that Brady will assume that particular crown sometime next season.) Still, here’s to Peyton enjoying his latest victory lap. Well-earned, sir.

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