Tori Amos — “Trouble’s Lament”
(from Unrepentant Geraldines) —

I know it’s been months since the Hive has blasted some sweet tuneage (so many, in fact, that I literally just had to walk myself through a twenty-minute primer on how I used to format these posts to make them look as pretty as possible), but the Goddess is back — always a cause for celebration — and seemingly channeling her inner Joan Baez on this foreboding and fascinating leadoff single from her latest album (due May 13). La Amos has been off on a bizarro tangent for much of the last decade — the holiday record was fab, but the so-called 21st-century song cycle project was strictly so-so, and there wasn’t a single track on 2012’s Tori-covers-Tori effort that wasn’t better the first time around — but “Lament” feels very much like a sequel to “Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas” (a slinky, sizzling high point from Amos’ ball-busting 2002 epic Scarlet’s Walk), and if that’s the creative direction in which Tori’s aiming her arrow for her latest record, I’m here for that. All. Day. Long.

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