the Buzz for July 4th, 2013


Tyler Farr — “Redneck Crazy” (from Redneck Crazy [Single]) —

I don’t know if I connect with this two-hundred-seventeen seconds of craziness because it’s so funny (it’s hilarious, and made even more so by the fact that Farr plays it mostly straight) or because I share my bloodline with a fair number of folks whom I have no doubt would behave exactly like this if they found themselves trapped in a similar scenario. (Not all of said folks are male, either; regardless of chromosome placement, we Henslees aren’t exactly shy, retiring wallflowers, and thus, the women in my family tend to be a bit on the mean side.) It seems a relative certainty that Mr. Farr has done hopped the bus to One-Hit Wonderville with his ridiculous novelty smash, but it’s a frivolously fun ride nonetheless.