the Buzz for June 13th, 2013


Jessica Sanchez — “Don’t Come Around”
(from Me, You and the Music) —

Sanchez made her name on American Idol last year by positioning herself as a doe-eyed innocent with a Whitney-style rafter-rattler of a voice, but on her first official release as a recording artist, she’s clearly trying to stake a claim in Rihanna’s lane, with the able aid of a wicked-cool sample lifted wholesale from my all-time favorite Tom Petty track, his smash 1985 collaboration with Dave Stewart, “Don’t Come Around Here No More” (which you may or may not know was originally intended to be recorded way back when by the peerless Stevie Nicks). I strongly suspect this record is going to be overwhelmed by the crush of marquee releases heading to retail this month, which’d be a mighty shame; Sanchez is clearly still figuring out who she wants to be as an artist, but — creatively, at least — she’s off the blocks with a killer start.