Son Volt — “Drown” (from Trace) —

Because we had gift cards and certificates whose dates of expiration were quickly approaching, A and I took dinner the other night at our local Logan’s Roadhouse, whereupon we happened to get paired with the most charmingly ingratiating waitress I’ve ever met. Throughout the course of our mighty tasty meal (which was capped off by a most creative dessert: the cutest miniature metal buckets filled with various fruity cheesecake and brownie a la mode concoctions), we learned far more about our perky server — from her love of meat loaf to her odd Brady-Bunch-esque family arrangement involving her fiance’s ex and their collective brood — than we could ever have hoped to know. She didn’t even mind when I would occasionally burst into song, as I did when this forgotten classic from 1996 spilled out from the restaurant’s speakers and I felt impelled to jam. (I hadn’t heard this one in forever, but I had an instant memory of driving Sherry Ann mad playing it over and over again back in the day, and I have vowed to do the same to A — who was a bit nonplussed by this fabulous tune’s obvious charms; he claimed he could barely hear it, and I retorted he was barely listening — until he’s every bit as much in love with this song as I am.)

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