the Buzz for August 15th, 2012


Roxette — “Opportunity Nox” (from The Pop Hits) — Opportunity Nox - The Pop Hits

My majestic Marie Fredriksson was (temporarily) sidelined by a debilitating brain tumor roughly a decade ago, but the unflappably brilliant Per Gessle carried on anyhow, and didn’t miss a blazing beat without his magnificent musical better half when he crafted this glam, slammin’ sweatbox of a single, a pure (vo)code red on dancefloors the world over, and as gloriously grand a tasty treat as anything this duo — most sincerely, the Buzz’s vote for most enchanting, exhilarating pop band of the last half-century (dreadful sorry, Arctic Monkeys) — ever conjured up in their late-’80s chart-busting heyday.