the Buzz for May 14th, 2012


Cowboy Junkies — “Anniversary Song”
(from The Best of Cowboy Junkies) — Anniversary Song - Best of Cowboy Junkies

Seven years ago this very night, at a bustling coffee shop on 4th Street in good ol’ Austin, Texas, I met the smartest, sexiest, oddest, greatest, most frustrating and most amazing man I know. I was immediately pulled under his spell, and he — thank Jesus — was sufficiently intrigued by me to entertain the notion of an official date a few nights later. Seven years on, we share a gorgeous home, a crazy dog we’re both nuts about, a host of private jokes that only we get, shells and chicken most Sunday nights, and, on balance, a pretty damned fabulous life that I wouldn’t trade for anyone else’s on a sure bet. (I love you so much, A: today, tomorrow, and always.)