the Buzz for January 1st, 2012


U2 — “New Year’s Day” (from 18 Singles) — New Year's Day - U218 Singles (Deluxe Version)

Dan Fogelberg — “Same Old Lang Syne”
(from The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg) — Same Old Lang Syne - The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg

These things are just too easy some days. (And don’t pay no mind to the fact that, technically, as per the song’s elegantly evocative first verse, “Same Old” actually takes place on Christmas Eve: it’s still the best one year ends, another one begins tune that anyone ever sat down and thunk up.) Happy 2012, y’all; may it bring us all peace, prosperity, powerfully riveting music, and a presidential candidate on the Republican side of the aisle that actually passes the smell test on the first swipe. (Is that too damn much to ask?)