the Buzz for December 10th, 2011


Marc Cohn — “True Companion”
(from The Very Best of Marc Cohn) — True Companion - The Very Best of Marc Cohn

From the betcha didn’t know file: while watching Jeopardy! last night (as is our bedtime ritual most evenings, as boring and predictable as that may sound), A and I learned a nifty, fun fact about the word companion, whose origins derive from Latin words which basically translate to “one with whom you would eat bread.” (I don’t know jack about Latin, but I’m reasonably well-versed in one of the language’s closer relatives, Spanish, and thus I immediately recognize the root words comer (“to eat”) and pan (“bread”), and I’m delighted to know that the folks who write Jeopardy!, whose clues of late have regrettably turned toward the banal, is still capable of tossing out a zinger that temporarily jolts my brain straight off its axis.)