the Buzz for October 15th, 2011


Doc Severinsen — “Georgia On My Mind”
(from The Very Best of Doc Severinsen) — Georgia On My Mind - The Very Best of Doc Severinsen

I already own the first four seasons on DVD (and, for those not yet in the know, the uproarious season five — the final one featuring peerless series regulars Delta Burke and Jean Smart — is due out the first week of December, so Merry Christmas, y’all!), and therefore, I can watch them at will at a time of my choosing. So you wouldn’t reasonably expect the news that reruns of my all-time favorite television series — CBS’ riotously funny classic sitcom Designing Women — have returned to a daily network schedule would send me into ecstatic hysterics, yet that is precisely what has happened now that those unsung geniuses at TV Guide Network have refashioned their entire program lineup and slotted Women — last seen on TV Land four years ago, following a blink-and-miss-it hit-and-run engagement with Nick at Nite — at 11am (eastern time) to lead off a day of comedy which also includes reruns of those late-’90s gems Cybill, Veronica’s Closet, and Dharma and Greg. (Clearly the network is now attempting to appeal to nostalgic women of a certain age and elan — they’ve even gone so far as to term their prime-time block of comedy programming “Ladies Night” — but there exists an underserved demographic — let’s call it, just for the sake of simplicity, Gay Men Aged 25-35 Who Desperately Miss the Smart, Sassy Sitcoms They Loved in Their Pre-Teen-Slash-Post-Adolescent Years — who are reaping enormous side benefits from these savvy programming moves. Because, seriously, The Office and Modern Family are perfectly fine for what they are, but there’s nothing like the welcome sight of Christine Baranski and/or my divine Dixie Carter cutting some dense doofus down to size to convince me that all is right with this old, cold world.) A million thanks to whomever at TV Guide Network had the temerity to make these decisions; I’ve been wondering what I’m gonna do with my free days when SOAPnet closes up shop early next year, and methinks this lineup will do just fine.