3 responses to “a fond au revoir to all my children
with the one and only connie passalacqua hayman
on brandon’s buzz! 9/22/11, 10pm edt / 7pm pdt!”

  1. the buzz from oliver:

    I love the Marlena episodes. It makes me yearn for the olden days of SOW. Also, I totally appreciate the effort and homework that you put into making a great interview – very well produced. Thanks

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    Thanks so much for the compliment, Oliver. I was one of those maniacs who literally hung on every word Connie wrote in her Critical Condition column back in the day, and it has been one of the great thrilling perks of doing this program that I have gotten the chance to become friendly with Miss Marlena in real life. (I even got a chance to have lunch with her when I visited NYC last year!) As for the homework: I think Connie is so sharp and witty and brilliant that if I didn’t put in the effort to try to keep up with her, I’d look, sound, and seem like nothing more than a blubbering fool. Since the show is called Brandon’s Buzz, I certainly can’t have that. 🙂 (Thanks so much for listening, and thanks very much for your note.)

  3. the buzz from Blake:

    I’m only halfway through this so far, but it’s been a fun one! Well done!