Wham! — “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” (from Twenty-Five) — Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Twenty Five

I know that, with Christopher Cross’ inclusion in this space earlier in the week, we’re getting dangerously close to an overdose on ’80s cheese up in the hive. But I can’t help myself: A and I headed down to the Alamo Drafthouse last night to take part in the Way Gay Sing-Along, and I knew instantly it was gonna be a great night when this seismic smash, yanked straight out of the protective bosom of 1984, was the first tune played, and a pair of guys decked out in pitch-perfect George-and-Andrew hairdos and tight-fitting “Choose Life” t-shirts leaped on stage and proceeded to lip-synch their gay little hearts out. (It was indeed a fabulously fun evening, even if it, quite predictably, leaned more heavily than was necessary on GaGa and Katy Perry; still, the biggest lessons of the night — neither of which are new insights, just tautly reinforced ones — are as follows: George Michael was one hell of a beautiful hunk o’ man back in the day, and “Wake Me Up” — the song through which he introduced himself to a public that couldn’t wait to adore him — continues to stand up as a brilliant camp classic.)

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