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[EDITOR’S NOTE: Over the long holiday weekend, A took a quick trip out to his beloved California, where he got himself quite a lovely sunburn (seriously, his cheeks, legs, and ab-licious stomach are as red as strawberries!) and a much-needed mental recharge frolicking around in the sand and surf. He requested that I pick a Cali-inspired tune to blast from the hive this fine day, and I told him to get his little fingers to work typing out a guest post in his own astoundingly articulate words. Herewith, the fruits of that labor:]

I just returned from beautiful, sunny Southern California, my three days in San Diego and Los Angeles filled with swimming, biking, hiking, and even outdoor theater. Whether it’s the sun, the sky, the ocean, the mountains, the fresh fruit, the beautiful people, or, well, whatever it is, California — especially Southern California — always imbues me with new energy and optimism. Unfortunately, there is not a single song that embodies that unique feeling, that state of mind, an ode to the Golden Coast, if you will. (No wonder Brandon made me an entire mix CD on the theme a few years ago!) While California is no longer where I lay my head, it remains a home away from home, and Wilson Phillips’ [brilliant cover of Joni Mitchell’s all-time classic] “California” still resonates with me, tickles my heart, and warms my soul.

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(or: september 7’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Mike T:

    Sounds like you had a great time there A, and some great weather!