Christopher Cross — “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)”
(from The Very Best of Christopher Cross) — Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) - Arthur - The Album (Remastered)

You likely know that I love me some Band of Horses, and I’m generally pro-Death Cab for Cutie (if not so much Arcade Fire), all of which is to say that, on balance, I’m amenable to what is currently considered to be hip and cool. But regular visitors to this website have likely figgered out by now that there’s something about the comfortably compelling strains of ’80s-era easy rock that just hits my sweet spot every single time. (If you’re wondering what’s got me feeling wistful about this: as I type this, I’m watching Time-Life’s frighteningly brilliant infomercial for its new ten-disc Easy ’80s collection — hosted by said decade’s soap icons Jack Wagner and Krista Tesreau, natch — and even though there’s not a tune in this entire box that I don’t already own, best believe I’m thisclose to whipping out my Visa and picking up the damn phone.) (Incidentally, while I’m venting: it really bugs the crying crap out of me when, literally to a man, the hosts of these Time-Life infomercials say something like, “Who could ever put a collection like this together on their own?!” Uh, me, that’s who. I could do it bang-on, just by opening my iTunes and clicking the mouse a coupla times.
Sherry Ann could too, I’d wager!)

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