The Judds — “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)”
(from I Will Stand By You: The Essential Collection) — Grandpa (Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days) - I Will Stand By You - The Essential Collection

My grandfather surrendered his human suit yesterday after walking this rock (and raising one hell of a fantastic family, and grilling untold thousands of the hands-down meanest barbecued hamburgers for any and all who might stop by) for eighty-some years. Across my own years, I’ve (over)heard casual anecdotes (and perhaps even a tale or two taller than would be considered typical) about the charmingly rebellious renegade spirit which lurked just beneath the visage of the gentle old man his grandchildren knew and loved so well, and I believe with ever more conviction that my own similar flashes of fuss and frustration, of wanderlust and wonderment, derive directly from him. (And I’m not so sure I’d have it any other way, to be perfectly frank.) Fare thee well on this opening leg of your next journey, Mr. John Henslee, and may you rest in the plentiful peace you have indisputably earned for yourself, sir.

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