iio — “Rapture (Tastes So Sweet)” (from Poetica) — Rapture - Poetica

So, if you’re reading this, then it’s clear that whole end of the world thing didn’t quite pan out as planned yesterday. (And, of course, at press time, Harold Camping — the California preacher man whose ridonk rantings incited all of this loony-tunes lunacy — was unavailable for comment.) Had I not already used it as a song of the day a few short weeks ago, I would’ve plugged Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place On Earth” into this slot, since it feels like an oddly appropriate sentiment for such a staggeringly pointless anti-climax as the one we all experienced last evening when 6pm rolled around to the sound of crickets chirping. So instead, let’s just pump up the volume on this hypnotic, swirling dance classic, and allow the cool, cruel groove to overtake our minds as though today, this day, actually is our end day.

2 responses to “you keep me in a state of daze
(or: may 22’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Sherry Ann:

    I seriously thought that you would have gone with Blondie, but I love this song!! It is the ringtone on my phone.

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    I considered Blondie, and also MB20’s “How Far We’ve Come,” but lots of people whom I follow on Twitter who do “song of the day” features were picking both of those tunes, so I decided to dig a little deeper. 🙂