Sugarland — “Stuck Like Glue” (from The Incredible Machine) — Stuck

Well, won’t this be the litmus test of the summer: their last album, 2008’s middling Love on the Inside, was a wondrous disappointment, and they’ve watched a non-trivial measure of their crossover thunder get pilfered outright by those sneaky Petes known as Lady Antebellum. So those magnificent mavericks Sugarland have responded the only way they know how: by putting their not-so-secret weapon — tha’d be Jennifer Nettles’ knockout pipes (and her inimitably infallible way of vocally surfing the crests of her melodies) — on full, glorious display in the wickedly catchy lead single from their forthcoming fourth album (due in October). But is country radio gonna take the bait on a song that is not at all country? (Wait ’til you get a load of Nettles’ Rastafarian-style rap, which comprises Glue‘s bridge; it’ll freakin’ blow yer mine!)
Time will tell.

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