Christina Aguilera featuring Nicki Minaj — “Woohoo”
(from Bionic) — Woohoo

So, there’s no point in pretending that Bionic isn’t a total trainwreck — if you require proof that all of pop’s so-called divas are scared shitless of GaGa right now, look no further than this wickedly miscalculated, overstuffed (yet strangely hollow) misfire — but this fascinatingly filthy jam — literally so dirty, it makes “Milkshake” sound as chaste as “Jesus Loves Me,” by comparison — is one of its few bright spots. (Guaranteed: somewhere in a dimly lit corner of an overpoweringly purple room, Prince is blushing.)

1 response to “all the boys think it’s cake
(or: july 24’s honey from, uh, the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    Just four words (from the lyrics): “Licky, licky, yum yum.” Now, go listen to the song (and have earplugs or earmuffs ready just in case).