Tara MacLean — “If I Fall” (from Passenger) — If

Funny how the memory works: I quite sincerely can’t name five things on this Earth that I love doing more than CD shopping with my best friend Sherry Ann, and every single time I hear this song — a moody, magnificent triumph from gorgeous Canadian chick who, sadly, never got a fair shake south of her own border — I flash back to the night ten years ago when Sherry and I stood before the new release wall inside of Hastings in College Station, Texas, and literally battled, tug-of-war style (and I am not making that up!), over the lone copy of Passenger that the store had in stock. (As I recall, I ended up letting her win, partly because I’m a nice guy, and partly because I didn’t wish to embarrass myself any further than I already had; as I was wearing a Longhorns t-shirt to begin with, I was already a clearly-marked outsider in enemy territory. Like Kenny once said, you better know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.)

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