amazing grace

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While bumming around on YouTube just now, wasting time that would be better spent composing this week’s record store report or editing an episode of my show or finishing that pesky playlist that has been occupying my mind for multiple weeks now, I ran across what continues to stand, from some three decades of daily afternoon viewing, as my all-time favorite soap scene — from One Life to Live, circa June 1992 — and I was compelled to squeal with delight, do the happy dance in more than one room of my house, and let loose an overwhelmingly orgasmic burst of pure ecstatic energy so all-consuming I’m stunned it didn’t tear a hole in my socks.  (I’ve probably watched this scene a good three hundred times over the years, and have the audio on my iPod besides, so I have it memorized cold, but it does my heart good somethin’ fierce to understand that someone else holds this scene with the same reverence as I.)

Even though it’ll make zero sense out of context, it’s simply too damn great not to share.  (A quick primer:  Sarah — the electrifying, ethereally gorgeous Grace Phillips, the gal with the longer blond hair, and one of the few women on this planet for whom I would renounce homosexuality wholesale — stands accused of murdering Carlo, the husband of Alexandra — the riveting, thrilling Tonja Walker, the chick with the short blond hair — and Sarah is desperately trying to prove her innocence, by any means necessary, but as you’ll discover as soon as you click play, Alexandra is pretty much having none of Sarah’s protestations.  The key moment here occurs around the 2:55 mark, when the peerless Phillips — a steeled, stunning strength shining through those shattering blue eyes, betraying outright the haunting majesty of her dewy, demure features — lets it be known, in no uncertain terms, that Sarah is hardly the wan, withering wimp she sometimes appears to be.)

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